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If you have a creative mind and looking for a software to compose something unique that FL Studio is the best option for you. The software is not free and will cost you some bucks. It can be used by both Mac and Windows users. There are multiple inbuilt tools features available to enhance your skills, and you can easily create, edit and record your kind of music or mix the record tunes included in the software.

It has simple and easy to use interface and flaunts many cool features such as copy and paste to help beginners. Fl Studio Mobile for Android is also available. Download : Official Site. Ardour is a freemium music beat making software that you must try if you are passionate about this field.

It is designed to record, mix, and edit your music. You can provide input through a recording device such as a microphone and alter the settings until you are satisfied with the product.

It has an easy to use design to make editing and mixing easy. Talktion T7 is free to use software for creating your own music. It offers you fantastic value and a great interface where you can work on your work seamlessly.

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It has a very intuitive interface and some excellent editing tools. It also has super-cool LFO Modifiers that will ease your work a lot. The multiple browsers provided with it are equally very helpful. It must be on your list if you are looking for quality software under the lease budget.

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Reaper is not a free software so keep that in mind. It comes with built-in plug-ins and an extremely easy to use interface. If you want to use other plug-ins, you can download them easily. It can read up to 25 different file types.

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Download Now. Ordrumbox is a unique open-source beat making software which has become highly popular in the past year due to its advanced functionality. The software lets users change the inbuilt settings to create their music effortlessly. Exporting music files created with this tool are also very simple. Easy Music Composer is another free to use beat making software that you should use if you are a love creating music. Want to create your very own fresh music with ease?

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This is the software for you. There are many things that you can do on E. C like compose songs, input notes, set the melody, add words and write into your partitions directly from your computer. You can also alter the basic settings like bass, tempo, and volume and create a song that you want in your own style.

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It is an open source music-making software which is free to download and is compatible with Windows and Mac both. The software boasts a simple user interface and offers easy to use functionality to create mind-blowing music and beats. The software includes various sample tracks that can help you compose your own with a unique style.

On the left side of the screen, you will find plenty of presets that can be added to your track.

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You can listen to them with a single click and make your mind accordingly. Tweak the volume, pan and use the sweep effect to your heart's content.

Share all of your creative moments and collaborate in real time with your bandmates, other artists or anyone else. Make new music with friends and new friends with music. The online studio gives you the ability to record, edit and collaborate on any device, anywhere you go—so you can create a track whenever you feel inspired! Even better, all of your projects are stored online in the cloud. Your everywhere studio Join Now. Get 3 months of Music Makers Supreme for less now! Music making is in our blood Make some noise, explore a new sound, create a song or collaborate with others.

When you have the urge to create Explore our extensive collection of beats, loops and instruments or connect your own instrument.

Free Music Production Software

Create a mix Drag and drop icons onto the avatars to make them sing and start to compose your own music. Find the right sound combos to unlock animated choruses that will enhance your tune.

Top 10 Things Used To Make Beats

Share it Once your composition sounds great, just save it and you will get a link to your mix. You can easily share it with anybody so they can listen and even vote for it. Be a legend If you share your mix a lot and get enough votes from other users, you may go down in Incredibox history by joining the Top 50 chart. Ready to show your stuff?