Usb microphone for mac garageband

How to Connect Two Microphones to GarageBand

Does this sound familiar? You want to start a podcast. Even if you do connect two separate microphones, you can end up with two individual audio streams. Also, check out my previous post on using GarageBand to record a real instrument playing. GarageBand only recognizes a single input, but it is possible to record using two separate devices.

You just have to trick the program into thinking two connections are one.

How To Record Using Multiple USB Mics (Mac) – Lets Talk Video Production

When you do this, a new aggregate device will appear in the list above. Double-click the device name to rename it. With this device selected, you will see a list of all available audio devices in the Audio Devices window. Select the inputs you want to use.

How To Use External Microphone With Macbook Air

You would select the two microphones you want to use, but make note of the order you select them in. The order they are checked determines the order the system will view the inputs. When you select multiple devices, you will have the option to select the clock source. Without getting too technical, this will be the audio input the time is based on. When you download the Rode Rec app from the Apple iTunes store, it will record at up to bit 96 kHz.

And to eliminate unwanted noise a 72 Hz high pass filter is available.

2. Blue Snowflake

A foam windshield is also provided to give some protection from wind noise when recording outside. It is a compact mic that delivers good results.

The audio is high quality, clear, sharp, and very defined. The app works well but makes sure you have enough space to download it. The microphone comes with a clamp to attach to your device and a carrying case. Some devices carry a headphone jack, and you can use this for monitoring the sound. As a further measure, if you are considering buying the product, it might be a good idea to contact Rode regarding which devices are compatible as they do not issue a list.

Apogee is a US company based in California, well-known for producing quality products and especially their microphones. It is equally able to produce quality recordings when working with vocals, narration, as well as instruments and can handle piano, acoustic guitar and drums. And its design is such, that it is a mic you can take anywhere and it will still deliver high quality.

Each of which has been so designed to produce low noise. First introduced eight years ago it became a popular mic with people wanting to record on the go and the Mic 96k is basically an upgrade on that original product and prepared to work with all the latest Apple devices.

It does deliver a very good sound and will link through your device to products like Garageband. The Apogee MiC 96k is also powerful and excludes a lot of unwanted external noises. Price-wise it is towards the high end, but the cost is justified by the quality of what it produces. It incorporates a small discreet mic and a high-quality condenser that is omnidirectional.

It also features a pop shield will reduce the amount of inevitable external noise when used in outdoor locations. Made of foam, it will reduce vocal plosives and wind noise. The clip for attaching the mic to the user is a sturdy build, and the mic has good cable management to ensure stability in use. It comes with a pouch for storage. And there are some extras you can buy if you want to edit and publish which are not included but are worth considering. The sound is clear and crisp and with very little background noise, and if recording podcasts or voice-overs is your thing, then it produces excellent results.

Similar results are gained if you give tutorials or lectures. The sound is excellent. A big plus point with this microphone is that being so omnidirectional any head movements anyone makes while using it will not affect the sound pickup , and it will produce stable results. If you are considering this unit, please do check with Rode about compatibility with your device.

Further, you will need to download the Rode App, which is, of course, free.

Using 2 USB Microphones Simultaneously In GarageBand (Mac Only)

There are some interesting names for some of these mics and here is another one. This product manufactured by Blue Microphones. It is an electret cardioid condenser mic that is unidirectional and is principally designed for voice, voice over, podcasting and streaming. It is equally usable with platforms like Skype. Blue has clearly put in a lot of work to design and manufacture a product that will perform at a high level.

They have created their own circuitry that will produce studio quality sound and also an Internal Acoustic Diffuser IAD which ensures the sound is focused on vocals and excludes peripheral noise. It actually is a quite attractive looking mic to work with. And it has good features for monitoring with a volume control, mic level and mute. Too close and variations of voice level may cause distortion in which case just move away a little bit. Included in the package are a USB cable, lightning cable, a Mic stand, and stand adapter and a carry pouch.

But this mic is not just for vocal or narration.

The quality of the recording of an acoustic guitar is quite outstanding and crystal clear. It is clearly a quality product that will perform at a high level and has plenty of features to create good recordings or live work. As always, it will be a good idea to check with the manufacturers about any compatibility issues. The iRig Mic cast is a condenser microphone designed principally for recording interviews, podcasts, voice memos, and even speeches and lectures.

And it can even be used in a business environment if you need to record a meeting and need quality audio. It has been designed to be compact and extremely portable and will comfortable even fit in your pocket. If you are looking for a pocket-sized answer to your voice recording that will produce quality audio, then this is worth consideration.

Having a unidirectional pattern, it is ideal for targeted single source recording and will cut out much of the background noise. To monitor recordings, it has a stereo mini-jack headphone output and a switch to alternate between sensitivity settings depending on whether the target is distant or close up. You will need to download two free Apps, the iRig Recorder, which is for voice recording and editing and also Vocalive, which is a processing App with an array of effects for singers. And has been mainly designed for voice and narration recording.

In that environment, it works very well, but it will not record music with any great quality. It is easy to use once you have downloaded the Apps.

Choosing the Aggregate Device in GarageBand

One thing that must always be borne in mind when buying a mic for your portable device is that unless you spend a lot of money, the quality can range for quite poor to good. It is never going to be stunning. The microphones on phones and iPads or tablets are not the best as we all know, and the object of buying an external mic is to improve the basic sound quality.

This Movo product is for phones only and when attached will improve the sound content of your video. It is very good for live-streaming or performances, vlogging, and interviews but is not designed for music or instruments. It is essentially a vocal, narration product. In terms of specifications, the direction of the mic is movable. And it is fitted with a 3. It also has a well-planned clamp to fix it to your phone and will accommodate smartphones from 2.