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Outlook for Mac Change meeting request: Outlook Change meeting request: Outlook and Change meeting request: Outlook for Mac Change your preferred name and title Check your delegates Configure your calendar: Outlook Control a resource account: Outlook Web Access Create custom calendar view: Outlook Create custom calendar view: Outlook and Custom calendar view: Entourage Customize calendar views: Outlook Customize calendar views: Outlook and Customize Outlook Today: Outlook Customize Outlook Today: Outlook and Customize your calendar: Outlook and Default calendar views: Entourage Delegate access: Outlook Delegate access: Outlook and Disable Out of Office Assistant: Outlook Disable Out of Office Assistant: Outlook Web App Filter invitation responses: Outlook Filter invitation responses: Outlook and Filter invitation responses with comments: Outlook Filter meeting updates: Outlook and Filter meeting updates marked as low importance: Outlook and Global Address List: Entourage Global Address List: Outlook for Mac Import an iCal calendar: Entourage Import an iCal calendar: Outlook Import an iCal calendar: Outlook Modify calendar view: Outlook and Open a shared calendar: Outlook Open a shared calendar: Outlook and Open delegated folder: Entourage Open shared calendar: Outlook for Mac Organize calendar: Outlook and Print calendar: Entourage Print calendar: Outlook for Mac Provisioning of email accounts for employees Recover deleted mail items: Outlook and Recover deleted mail items: Have you tried setting up a new Outlook profile in Outlook with just the mailbox with the sub-calendar?

How do I share a calendar using Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X

Does Office allow access to the calendar by default? I know this is an old thread, but here are very clear instructions on how to make this work in Outlook for Mac:. Yes, but this explanation only tells you how to open another user's primary calendar. It doesn't speak to secondary calendars at all.

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We have the exact same issue here. Primary calendars function perfectly. Secondary calendar do not display on any Outlook for Mac client, regardless of what we've done. I was thinking of converting secondary calendars to a shared public folder as a work-around, but I know that I'll get pushback from the end users on that.

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But it is an option. Travis, two things worth noting. OWA works beautifully for this purpose, and it's ultimately the solution I landed on for the user Another option is sharepoint - put the calendar there, and again, it's accessible through the browser.

Viewing and Sharing Calendars in Outlook 2016

My issue is that I offered our Citrix portal to the Mac users for Outlook access and their response was, "Yeah, we're not doing that. Oh yeah, we're a little behind the times in that we're running Exchange Unfortunately our Mac users refuse this work-around, so I'll continue to dig. Thanks for the assistance, and how fortunate for me this was being discussed today! Unfortunately, it requires the main calendar to be shared. Keep your work and personal events separate by using two separate calendars in Outlook.

Each calendar operates independently, but you can show the events from both calendars simultaneously. If you create a new calendar under your Exchange calendar, the new calendar will also sync with the Exchange server. However, if you create a meeting on the new Exchange calendar, responses to this meeting aren't counted.

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At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Calendar. In the navigation pane , select the calendar under which the new calendar will be saved. On the Organize tab, click New Calendar.

To delete a calendar you create, click the calendar in the navigation pane, and then on the Edit menu, click Delete. Share your calendar with someone else.

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On the Organize tab, click Calendar Permissions. Click Add User , type the name of the user, and then click Find. In the search results, click the user's name, and then click OK. In the Name list, click the user's name, and then on the Permission Level pop-up menu, click the access level you want. To customize the user's permission levels, select or clear the check boxes.