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Remember Me. Does Strata 3D still have a place in the highly competitive 3D software market? It is hard to believe that the last review of Strata 3D was back in And this version has been out nearly a year. How long has it been? Needless to say, there has been a lot going on with this company over the last decade and a half so a quick little history will set the table for this review well. It would end at version 5 in As CAD tools eventually developed their own native rendering features Strata fell out of use somewhat in the architectural rendering market but it successfully pivoted into new areas to extend growth—particularly packing design, product design, and as a 3D extension for graphics illustrators.

For most, if not all of its life, Strata 3D has operated in the sub-thousand dollar category; Strata has never essentially competed with the tier one professional 3D studio applications, in the current era, like Maya or 3ds max, which operate and cost at much higher levels. Those applications are often judged as overkill for the types of architects, graphic designers, and environmental design professionals that need to work in 3D. Strata Design 3D CX 8. USD, and at that price packs one of the bigger punches in the industry.

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When we last reviewed Strata we noted that it has long been known for its high-quality rendering. It has long had a radiosity engine of particular note and a high-quality and fast raytracer as well. And this is a good place to start.

How to Build a 3D Model of an F-86 Jet in Strata Design 3D CX - Part 1

While Strata today still features its high-quality radiosity engine, the big news in the dot 1 release of Strata 8 we will simplify its long name now until the end of the article is the integration of the Embree raycasting engine developed by Intel. This engine helps identify if any ray intersects any geometry in a 3D scene and speeds the process endemic to Monte Carlo ray tracing. Embree is more technically a set of kernels that are highly optimized for Intel processors.

Design 3D CXi - Professional 3D Modeling and Animation Software for the Mac - Strata

Offering up to percent speed-up on CPU-bound rendering the Embree integration is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. All rights reserved. Rendering has come a long way over the years with Strata but this version 8.

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One of those features is support for OpenEXR which offers high-precision floating-point color output. In both 8 or bit color, white is always white. Our eyes and brain see into darker areas with a bit more light than is actually there. Back at version 7. Other aspects of rendering in Strata 8 include the new bit support in the app.

This is clearly the most important update affecting rendering and scene capacity. You can load vastly larger scenes in version 8. Notice in the system above all the options most have videos and the sub-options just under Fundamentals. We are big fans of video tutorials, as longtime readers know, and Strata has very good product manuals and tutorials as well.

LiveRay is a new rendering feature aimed at allowing rapid raytracing during typical workflows where OpenGL would not suffice to show you complex texturing setups—the kind that are typical of product packaging in many cases.

New anti-aliasing technology also exists in version 8. This last feature means you can adjust the gamma, brightness, or black point during or after the rendering process. There are other smaller improvements in the domain of rendering, including better interactive lighting in OpenGL. In our last review of Strata, we structured the article around common core workflow areas in a 3D software package e. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.


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Design 3D CXi – Professional 3D Modeling and Animation Software for the Mac

Older OS X See discussion. We don't force you to decide how you're going to use the product in the future, or make a guess ahead of time about which More Version 8.

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