How to change mac address ubuntu 14.04

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How to change MAC address in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Kali linux 2.0 sana

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Why Spoof a MAC Address?

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Change MAC Address Using The Terminal/Network Manager Under Ubuntu /

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Ubuntu What is a MAC address? Click on Network to open the panel. The software runs on Ubuntu I've created an Ubuntu So the question is does anyone know how to get an 'Ethernet controller' to show up when I do a lspci on the Ubuntu guest, because I'm Note that this can be overridden if you ever want to change it, either via the CLI or using XenCenter.

I've run the command you listed, and as expected it returned the MAC address that the guest lists when I do an ifconfig:. So I think XenServer is operating correctly. As we are currently investigating XenServer, and this is an issue I had not expected to run into I did a bit of research last night; and unless I don't quite understand XenServer this may be an issue I cannot resolve. I am thinking the Ubuntu You are absolutely correct, I'm doing a very poor job of describing what I'm doing and what I'm seeing.

How to Change Network Card MAC Address on Ubuntu 13.04

In continuing to try to figure this out, I've downloaded a VMWare appliance from the vendor, imported it to XenServer, stripped out the VMWare tools drivers and re-booted. In that configuration as expected a lspci shows no Ethernet controller, however unlike when creating an Ubuntu guest directly in XenServer when I add the XenServer tools, reboot and do a lspci I see the Ethernet controller line as expected.

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  • Added bonus is the 3rd party software correctly 'sees' the MAC address that XenServer is presenting, I've verified this by changing the MAC address in XenCenter and the 3rd party software reflects that change. It's probably an incompatible driver issue, but sorry I honestly don't have time to dive deeper into it at the moment.

    Keep persevering!