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Please contact me if you'd like to contribute. Requires SketchUp 7 or later. Answer Yes to the prompt s. Re-start SketchUp if upgrading from an earlier version of this plugin. A German language tutorial can be found on Dieter Rosenkranz's site. The resulting X-Plane scenery packages work under X-Plane 8. Standard global scenery for the relevant areas must also have been installed.

Users of MacOS A tutorial is available here. This tool packages up an X-Plane aircraft or scenery package folder into a cross-platform. Boot Camp is software with "multi-boot" capability. Boot Camp, Macs Can do Windows too. You have to partition your hard drive to make it work. However, the task is relatively painless using the Boot Camp Assistant which will guide you through the whole procedure.

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You will install Windows device drivers and the Windows Control Panel in the process. You can boot up in either Apple or Windows mode.

Essentially, you are running a Windows machine when in this mode. The main consideration is having enough power and memory. Running FSX on full settings on Windows takes a lot of power as it is. Now you are adding Boot Camp in the mix. That means you really should have a beefy Mac with plenty of RAM. There are some other things to consider when using Boot Camp. Make sure you have an effective antivirus program. Also, you need a lot of extra room on the hard drive for aircraft and other add-ons. It will fill up faster than you think. In fact, well-known tech writer Walt Mossberg recently wrote in the Walt Street Journal, "Parallels 8 does a fine job of running Windows on a Mac, especially Windows 8.

It doesn't emulate every feature, like those taking advantage of a touch screen—which the Mac lacks.

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But it makes Windows 8 work on a Mac pretty much like it works on a standard Windows PC that you'd upgrade to Windows 8. Parallels can run Windows and Mac programs in tandem because it builds a "virtual machine," essentially a Windows machine inside a Mac. This is different from Boot Camp's approach. Boot Camp hands the Mac system completely over to Windows. You can only run one operating system at a time, and must reboot to access them. User "K1PC" wrote on the Parallels forum forum.


A review of Parallels Desktop 7 said,. Overall, I was amazed at the performance I saw. Parallels can provide up to 1GB of video RAM, which means that even some newer games with large texture sizes will run reasonably well; I was able to play the demo of Hard Reset, an intensive first person shooter, at decent though not great frame rates. Even the demo of Call of Duty 4, which ran but with jerky-slow frame rates when I last tested it with Parallels 5, is now playable. Another concern with FSX is using peripherals like joysticks and rudders.

In the Macworld review they addressed the issue:. I used a Bluetooth mouse, a Saitek flight stick, a generic gamepad, and a Logitech Momo force feedback wheel and pedal set, all of which worked fine. When you connect a USB device, Parallels provides a nice visual dialog box for selecting how it should be assigned, and whether that assignment is permanent or temporary.

You can launch Windows programs from the Mac dock. You can download Parallels from their website. To run the program you have to enter a key. After that you can run any Windows program. You can grab Parallels directly from the Parallels website here. VMWare's Fusion takes a similar approach as Parallels. You do not need to reboot to change operating systems. You can launch Windows programs like FSX just as you would a Mac application, using Mac shortcuts and gestures as well.

A great feature is the ability to run Windows programs on one screen, or across two or more screens. What if you've already installed Boot Camp and want to give Fusion a try?

Running Microsoft Flight Simulator X on a Mac

Early in , Fusion 4 was selected over Parallels by Macworld as the best way to run Windows programs on a Mac. It beat Parallels in 9 out of 11 performance benchmarks. Macworld also found Fusion easier to install and operate. I'm sticking with that conclusion. I found Parallels faster at every common task, like starting and restarting Windows, and resuming Windows from a suspended state.

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What if you don't have the latest and greatest hardware and software? It seems even older versions of Fusion work well with FSX. To make it extra challenging, he ran Screenflow at the same time to grab a screen capture. The result is a surprisingly smooth graphics performance. Rob's flying skills leave a little to be desired, however. Not everyone agrees. Over at the a2simulations forum a2simulations.

You can grab your copy of VMWare Fusion over at their website here. Another option for technically oriented users is Virtualbox, part of Oracle's group of virtualization programs.

It was originally developed by innotek as an x86 program. Sun Microsystems bought innotek in , and Oracle bought Sun in Virtualbox was made not just for Macs. For Mac OS X it allows unlimited virtualization sessions. Unfortunately, Virtualbox so far does not stack up as well as Parallels and Fusion.

When looking from a distance this version already has a marked resemblance in structure with even the latest versions.

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The next few years saw a continuing of new releases. Between and another 14 versions or releases followed for a lot of different personal computers, notably the Commodore 64 and Amiga, Atari and ST and Apple MacIntosh. Later that year Microsoft FS 3. In this was followed by a similar, but improved version 4.