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What the hell!! Any of you guys Know whats happening here, I would really appreciate some help…Thanks.

Had you switched the game to read-only mode for farming purposes? Either way, check what file permissions are on your save file.

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On launching the game I was prompted by steam to choose an option to rectify this, everything seems OK again now. Thanks again for your reply.

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Well I spoke to soon, have just launched the game to check all was OK, and you have guessed it I have lost all my progress again. Has anyone else suffered with this problem? Perhaps one of the moderators could move this to the PC tech support section for better visibility?

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Yeah, I turned off the Steam cloud sync for this reason. It is the same problem on all my other games too, I have looked everywhere for answers on the internet and it seems a common issue. Thanks again for all your help, I will keep searching for answers, and let you know what happens…Cheers guys!! Looks like issues with Steam cloud sync have been around for a while, for example this thread from !

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Add the launch options without quotes:. For now, if you're familiar with FilterTool already, you may want to look at the page about Functional Changes from FilterTool to BLCMM , which talks about some of the changes which might not be immediately apparent.

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BLCMM can be used to: Hex-edit your executable and set up a hotkey for console access, to enable mod support Enable various performance-optimizing tweaks to your INI files. Updates are automatically distributed, so you only download it once and you're done.