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View all tags. Bird Of Passage. A free night ride across Tokyo, searching for our home with the help of some stranger. Drop into the wilderness and explore as Gelda, a young girl with a penchant for adventure, and often trouble. Rambling Indie Games. Play in browser. Temple Raider. Samurai Sam. A roguelike hack and slasher for the TV Game Jam. Going wireless? You can hook up the PS4 controller wirelessly by the same method you would connect any device to the Mac with Bluetooth. You will need to put your controller in discovery mode by holding down the Share button and the PlayStation button until the controller light starts blinking.

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When you spot "Wireless Controller" in the Bluetooth menu, click the Pair button. Share Pin Email.

Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated November 10, First, ensure that you have the latest update by clicking the Steam menu at the top-left of the Steam client window and choosing Check for Steam Client Updates If there is an update available, choose to download and install it. You will need to wait for Steam to close out and apply the update, but this usually doesn't require you to reboot the computer.

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Once Steam launches after the update, you are ready for the next step. Plug your PS4 controller into your PC. Even if you plan on using it wirelessly more on that later , it is a good idea to get it configured correctly with it plugged into the PC using the USB cable. If you are in the basic Steam client , click the View menu at the top and choose Settings. In the Settings screen, choose Controller from the left-side menu and click on General Controller Settings.

If you are in the normal client, click View at the top and choose Settings. If you are in Big Picture Mode, click the Settings button.

This is the button that looks like. If it is still not detected, try unplugging the cable and plugging it into your PC again. Next, check the box next to PS4 Configuration Support. This will take you to a new screen where you can name the controller, configure the color of the light on the controller and turn the Rumble feature on or off.

When you are ready, click the Submit button. You can access the Controller settings in-game by pressing the PlayStation button on the PS4 controller. You can even use these settings to map keys to each controller button in order to control keyboard-only games with your dual-shock controller. However, it might be easier to just add a wireless keyboard and mouse if you have them available.

The best console controllers for playing games on a Mac | Macworld

Luckily for us, it is possible. Power to the players, indeed. It should work immediately. Alternatively, you can simply pair it through Bluetooth. Hold it down for a couple of seconds.

The best console controllers for playing games on a Mac

Fortunately, courtesy of the modder FranticRain, you can get it to work simply by downloading a driver from Github. Just download the. Even better, FranticRain keeps it up to date. As of the time of writing, the file was updated just two days ago. The mod from FranticRain I mentioned above also works with the Xbox One controller , but not as smoothly.