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I called my tour manager and he called the doctor. Then I caught pneumonia. Double pneumonia. And the doctors are really high on this medicine. I was the one, and it gave me toxidity. He did his first comedy routines in his childhood bedroom, using an empty shoe polish bottle as a microphone and keeping his brothers awake with corny jokes and impressions.

After high school he began a string of odd jobs all designed to sustain he and wife, Rhonda, while he chased his stand-up dreams. He was a janitor, a professional mover, a school bus driver for handicapped children and a…. Be true to yourself. Radio stations promoted his shows. He made more money.

With his rising celebrity status, people that he knew, people he worked with and grew up with, treated him differently.

Strangers claimed that he was family. Organizations wanted him to donate to their causes for the community.

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Bernie dealt with critics, scam-artists, and flatterers who only wanted his fame for themselves. When he was poor, though, none of them were around. He stayed true to himself, learning from every job, every late-night gig. Waking up early. Acting in movie roles. Rehearsing his material to himself. Raising his child and loving his wife. With every setback, he reflected on what his mother told him, putting failure in perspective. He only focused on what was meaningful, what was in line with his principles. They want something for nothing.

What do they think? That Michael Jordan was out boozing at night? Hell no! He was on that got-damn court all day, every day, trying to make himself a better player. And when he was the best there was, he went out and practiced harder.

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For the first time ever, he performed in stadiums. Audiences arrived in the thousands. As the curtains parted, Bernie Mac stepped into the bright lights and did his thing. One of his bits was about raising his sister's three kids after she got into trouble with drugs. That was the foundation for The Bernie Mac Show. He just turned his got-damned head. When they said they was going to give the kids over to the state, he turned his head.

We got to stick together.

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That heifer been here before. One day I was combing her hair looking for some numbers. She just stare at you.

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  • And the six-year-old cry like a sumbitch. The world is messed up. Kids make me sick, motherfucker. Ooh, these sumbitches. Not until Spike Lee filmed it, shooting the production for three million dollars, did it gain any widespread attention. That inspired Bernie to action.

    He wanted his own show, wanted to tell America the truths Mac-isms that he had learned. As he pushed for his dream, he confronted another reality about America, its prejudices. Its small-minded judgments. Its racism. Bernie wanted to be respected for his comedic talents, his no-bullshit honesty.

    Bernie Mac My sisters Kids

    He saw individuals, humanity, as more than sociological statistics, categories. But people were too scared of his messages. They said that his comedy was raw. People are harsh. They thick-headed, hardwired. No amount of tinkering is going to change the way some people think.

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    I know. He wanted to build a sitcom around that premise.

    Bernie addressed the camera directly as well. Just like in his real life, he was a comedian, had a supportive marriage, and told it like it was. Fox picked up the show and ran with it. It became the hottest new sitcom on the network. Black families are about love, too. He still acted and continued his stand-up, but he never left his home. He stayed in Chicago with his close friends and family, knowing the value of intimate relationships, instead of living in the shallowness of Hollywood stardom.

    How Britain was robbed of Bernie Mac

    He still remembered what his mama had taught him: believe in yourself, listen to your own voice above all others. Go deep inside yourself. Sit still and listen close. There might be a few wise voices out there, helping you out. But too many outside voices will shut you down. Bernie learned to respect himself and other people, no matter what they thought.