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No ads. No viruses. Play Now Download the free trial. Fill the trains with their cargo before you run out of time! Recently Played Online Games. If you have, and you're desperate for some more puzzle-solving games like it, we've got a list of our favourite iPad and iPhone games that we know The Room fans will love. For those of you who've yet to play The Room, let me fill you in. The entire game is set on and within one intricate safe, whose surfaces are adorned by strange mechanisms and logic puzzles, behind which smaller, more challenging boxes lurk.

Not only are the puzzles super-challenging but enormously satisfying to solve, they also lend themselves perfectly to the iPad's touchscreen. The Room Two and The Room Three took the first game's formula and broadened its scope, spreading its puzzles across various boxes and other locked constructions in multiple rooms, adopting more of the traditional room escape game style.

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The fourth, called Old Sins, feels a lot more like the original game, centering around a creepy doll house that you'll need to explore. We've yet to find another game that quite matches the brilliance of The Room, but there are many that come very close, and that we really enjoyed puzzling over. Read on to discover our pick of the best. If you know of a great The Room-like game that we haven't listed here, you can let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter.

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First up is Forever Lost, one of our absolute favourites. Explore the Spooky, deserted buildings and towns to find items to help you solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries that'll lead to your escape. Highly recommended. If you're after a serious challenge, try Machinarium. We loved it so, so much, but boy is it tricky.

Each room you come to has new puzzles to solve as you control a cute robot character on his quest to find his ladyfriend. Machinarium follows more of a linear story than The Room and Forever Lost, but it presents similar puzzles and requires you to use your brain in that same, logical way. Plus, the story is rather great, and we really enjoyed the app's overall look and feel.

Another one of our favourites is Tiny Bang Story. This wonderfully animated game begins with the puzzle pieces that make up this fun, intriguing world being scattered across the globe, and it's your job to retrieve them and put them back together. To find the puzzle pieces, you'll need to explore each illustrated level and talk to the quirky characters, solving some tough puzzles and collecting items as you go.

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People Also Like FormIt Pass the multiple levels of the game filling the empty cells with colored figures. To activate the full version of Puzzle Express, copy and paste the registration key into the appropriate window. To obtain a registration key, run Puzzle Express and then select your preferred method of payment.

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